What could be worse than bath time?

****not for the faint of heart********barf warning*******seriously*******IMG_7282

Butt time.

No, not like that….

As far as I understand it, dogs have these glands near their anus, and they were designed by satan himself. Sometimes they can get infected and you have to squeeze them to get the, as I call it, butt juice out. Well, today Dean and I smelled something foul so I gloved up, tied a shirt around my lower face in the manner of desperado, and dragged an unwilling Pudge into the shower.

He hunched over all sad looking waiting for me to turn the water on and scrub him down, but no. He only wished it was bath time, and so did I.

Now, with fresh air and a tired anus, Pudge sits happily on his bed while I recover from throwing up all my dinner.

I promise this is like the most disgusting thing I will ever post about, but ew, I had to.

“And what,” you ask,” was Dean doing this whole time?”

Well, Dean was playing video games.


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